Babita Mia Women's Swimwear

Babita Mia Women’s Swimwear shapes feminine creations for beachlife lovers. Their bikini design is minimal, the fitting modern with an artisanal spirit.

Proudly Made in Milan, Italy from pattern to execution, all the attention is focused on enhancing the female body thanks to artisans skilled in hand crafted corsetry and the search for luxurious high performance italian fabrics perfect for shaping the silhouette without constraints.

Babita Mia is a sun conscious swimwear line, we maintain our focus on promoting health as well as fashion and beauty. We use innovative luxurious UPF50+ ITALIAN LYCRA that provides physical sun protection, not chemical and it’s super soft…you will love our line !

Babita Mia Women’s Swimwear is shipped from Milan, Italy.

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Showing all 4 results