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Kunai earrings are so popular right now!

The Kunai knife wasn’t originally a weapon of death – it was an inexpensive work tool made from soft iron and used by Japanese peasants. It came in useful for crushing softer building materials such as plaster, for gardening and digging holes, and for prying. Its blade has a triangular shape, its handle is rod-shaped and has terminates in a ring. Its size usually runs from about 7″ to 12″, and because it was not a cutting tool or a weapon, there was no need for sharpened edges. 

Now, in popular culture, Kunai knives became deadly in the hands of a Ninja. They sharpened its edges and used it in hand-to-hand combat. They could tie a rope to the loop at the base of the handle and fashion it into a spearhead or tethered anchor for climbing. They could use it to dig through walls and keep the element of surprise during an attack. 

Lately, the Kunai has used by Ninjas in anime such as Naruto, and this may be the reason the knife has become so popular. If you’re a fan of this legendary knife, what is it about the Kunai that you like best? 

At Moosestrum, we have several earrings that feature the Kunai and the Shinobi. You don’t even have to have pierced ears! They are made by Mister SFC, and all have great pricing and free shipping.  

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