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BWET Swimwear – Born on the beach of Barcelona

BWET Swimwear is available at Moosestrum. According to the founders of the company, they started the idea of the company when two American friends were overheard by another pair of friends from Rio and Hong Kong about how boring and uninspiring men’s swimwear is on the beaches in the USA. They created BWET as an alternative for urban beach lovers – swimwear that combines  fashion and style with the comfort and quality of the mass produced sports brands. 

BWET SEALINE Swim Shorts - front

BWET created the slogans “BNoticed”, “BComfortable”, and “BIndependent”, and we think that if you’re looking for something different to wear on the beaches this year you’ll like what they have created. Colorful, stylish lines that will look sexy on that body you’ve worked hard on in the gym and now want to show off on the beach. 

This is the fifth year Moosestrum has offered BWET Swimwear to our customers, and we hope you will come and see what we’ve got to offer. Our prices are competitive, shipping on BWet is free, and we’re glad to help out if you have any questions!

We’d love to see pics of you wearing your BWet swimsuit after your purchase, and you can get 20% your next purchase with us when submitting a photo review!

BWet Swimwear
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