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More Dicken’s Cider Craziness

One of our most popular T-Shirts continues to be the Dicken’s Cider Tee. Made as a gift for a friend of our talented designer, this humorous design is part of the web sensation that originated as a comedic song on a radio show long ago. 

Guy in bar wearing Dickens Cider Tee

If you’re looking for more Dicken’s Cider material on the web, check out Gerald Pauschmann’s well done spoof, complete with bloopers! Oh, and tell me if you too cringe when junior tells the camera that his mom loves a Dicken’s Cider. 😮    

See our Dicken’s Cider Products HERE! 

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What Type of Hoodie Should I Buy: French Terry or Sweatshirt Fleece?

Which is right for me…French Terry or Sweatshirt Fleece?

At Moosestrum, we sell hoodies made of both types of sweatshirt fabric: French Terry and Sweatshirt Fleece. They are different only in the way that the fabric is finished during manufacturing. With sweatshirt fabric (used to make hoodies, sweatpants, etc.), there are yarn loops formed on the back side of the fabric, this would become the inside of the hoodie when the garment is sewn.  

  • With Sweatshirt Fleece, the yarn loops are shredded, which makes the inside of the hoodie soft and fuzzy. (These would be our Gildan Heavy Blend Hoodies).
  • With French terry, the yarn loops are left intact, which makes the inside of the hoodie moisture-wicking – that is, more absorbent and more breathable. (These would be our Delta French Terry Hoodies).

What Do these manufacturing difference mean to the hoodie?

The fact that French Terry is more breathable means that you may find that it keeps you cooler in warmer weather – or more comfortable in the gym when you’re breaking a sweat. As you’d expect, that also means that Sweatshirt Fleece is less breathable and will keep you warmer because the shredded loops make the inside of the hoodie denser and less reachable.

Now, this doesn’t mean that French Terry is good only for warmer weather and Sweatshirt Fleece is better for colder weather. It depends upon your preference and tendencies – are you someone who is often cold or has a chill  more so than others? Maybe Sweatshirt Fleece is better for you. Are you always hot – or someone who wears sweatshirts while working out? Maybe your choice would be French Terry. 

I have worn both at different times of the year, and it’s not like if you wear a French Terry in the winter you’re going to freeze — or if you wear Sweatshirt Fleece in May you’re going to overheat. They are both warm and comfortable, and the choice comes down to preference.

My Preference –  When one is preferred over the other

For me, if I’m wearing a sweatshirt to the gym or to bed on a cold night, I prefer French Terry, because I tend to sweat less and when I do sweat it is absorbed by the French Terry – and with the Sweatshirt Fleece the sweat doesn’t absorb, it just kind of stays on my body (which I don’t like at all). 

If I’m hanging around the house in the fall, not being active, say, watching TV – I like Sweatshirt Fleece. It’s softer feel is nice and comfy. 🙂

Here’s More from –

French terry looks like jersey with a smooth knit stitch on one side and the flat loops of purls on the other. It is made from thicker thread/yarn, which makes it great for yoga pants, light weight sweatshirts, lounge wear and more.

Sweatshirt fleece (also referred to as cotton fleece or bamboo fleece at times) is similar except often has a tighter stitch and a brushed back (looped/purl side) to make it soft and fuzzy, which also adds warmth.

Thanks to EYMM for the above two definitions!


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Anytime’s a Good Time for good ‘ole Dicken’s Cider

Dicken’s Cider – It wasn’t long ago that a friend of mine asked me if I had heard of the new drink that was the new big craze. Hahaha was my response after a second or two. Amazingly tho, most of the waitresses don’t get it when he asks if they have it available when they’re taking drink orders… or they’re pretending because they aren’t interested in engaging in his toilet humor. If you haven’t heard of Dicken’s Cider, look it up on Youtube – it’s good for a laugh. It’s one of those Dr. Dimento type songs that’s been on radio shows for years. I tried to trace it’s origins for this post, but didn’t get very far. People online dispute one another about where it came from, the only thing I could determine is that it’s been around for quite a while.

This design for Dicken’s Cider was made in house at Moosestrum. It was as if Dicken’s was a real product – by fellow Moosestrumite/Graphic Designer who took it on as if she was creating art for a real product. It looks great! See our Dicken’s products here! 

Anytime's a Good Time for good 'ole Dicken's Cider at Blogs