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Tiger’s Eye: Meaning, History and Beauty

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Tiger’s Eye is a a great silky-looking Metamorphic rock which gets its name from its brown and yellowish-brown stripe pattern. It is known as a Chatoyant gemstone, which means that its fibrous makeup gives it a cat’s eye effect. 

Historically, Tiger’s Rye was carried by it’s owner to keep them safe and help ward off a curse of the evil eye cast on one when they’re not aware. Soldiers and warriors were even known to wear Tiger’s Eye on them when going into battle. 

Tiger’s eye is a stone that stands for inner strength, will power, and self confidence. Those who believe in its healing properties say that Tigers Eye will give one confidence and courage to take on new things and new opportunities.

It is also said to be a great choice for helping one in the quest of wealth by helping to overcome the fear of failure and stay focused, even when things get difficult.

In astrology, Tiger’s Eye is a lower order substitute for Ruby and is governed by the Sun and Mars. It is said to enhance and balance one’s masculine energy.

Tiger’s Eye is made of Silicon Dioxide and Iron Oxide and can be found in parts of most of the world’s continents. It has a hardness of 7 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness (as a reference, Quartz also has a hardness of 7, and Diamonds, which are the hardest substance, have a hardness of 10).

Tiger’s Iron is one the variants of Tiger’s Eye that is used in jewelry making. Tiger’s Iron is a composition made-up of Tiger’s Eye, red Jasper, and black Hematite. While looking at Tiger Iron, one can see that it is a sedimentary formation formed when these three substances were pressed together billions of years ago. As you can see below, the result is quite magnificent.

For me, Tiger’s Eye is a beautiful stone with a lustrous look that I love to wear. I’m not really one that’s all into healing crystals and Chakra and stuff like that, but if Tiger’s Eye looks great AND will aid me in the pursuit of wealth, help balance my masculine energy and keep me safe, I’m game. 🙂   

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