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Kunai earrings are so popular right now!

The Kunai knife wasn’t originally a weapon of death – it was an inexpensive work tool made from soft iron and used by Japanese peasants. It came in useful for crushing softer building materials such as plaster, for gardening and digging holes, and for prying. Its blade has a triangular shape, its handle is rod-shaped and has terminates in a ring. Its size usually runs from about 7″ to 12″, and because it was not a cutting tool or a weapon, there was no need for sharpened edges. 

Now, in popular culture, Kunai knives became deadly in the hands of a Ninja. They sharpened its edges and used it in hand-to-hand combat. They could tie a rope to the loop at the base of the handle and fashion it into a spearhead or tethered anchor for climbing. They could use it to dig through walls and keep the element of surprise during an attack. 

Lately, the Kunai has used by Ninjas in anime such as Naruto, and this may be the reason the knife has become so popular. If you’re a fan of this legendary knife, what is it about the Kunai that you like best? 

At Moosestrum, we have several earrings that feature the Kunai and the Shinobi. You don’t even have to have pierced ears! They are made by Mister SFC, and all have great pricing and free shipping.  

Mister Kunai Earring for Pierced Ears from MISTER SFC at
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DeLorean Watches and a brief History of DMC

John DeLorean

The DMC DeLorean was made by the DeLorean Motor Company, which was founded by John DeLorean. DeLorean was a former automobile engineer and executive, most known for his time at General Motors Corporation and for his creation of the extremely popular and successful Pontiac GTO in 1964. As John DeLorean rose in the ranks of the GM corporation, other executives at GMC grew to dislike his maverick attitude. He eventually he grew tired of clashing with other executives at GMC and retired from the company in 1973 to start his own motor company, the DeLorean Motor Company.

The DeLorean Motor Company

The DeLorean Motor Company was launched in 1973, and a prototype car was revealed in 1976. The two seat sports car, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, would become best remembered for its Gull Wing doors and Stainless Steel body panels. The company begin producing a model for sale in January 1981, and production continued until October of 1982. About 9,000 DeLorean “DMC 12” cars were made.

Trouble for John DeLorean and DMC

In 1982, the company filed for bankruptcy due to large debts and arrest of John DeLorean for drug trafficking (DeLorean had agreed to help undercover FBI agents sell 220 pounds of Cocaine as a way to get the money his company needed to stay afloat). He was able to successfully defend himself on the basis of entrapment, but his reputation never recovered. The DeLorean Motor Company was no more, and the car faded from the limelight until its popularity became forever immortalized in 1985 in the film “Back to the Future”.

New Beginnings

In 1995, The DeLorean Motor Corporation was born again by Stephen Wynn, who acquired the company name, DMC logo and remaining parts inventory of the former DeLorean. Wynn’s company sells rebuilds and replicas of the DMC car for a price of approximately $100,000 each.

The DeLorean Watch

The DeLorean Motor company licenses DMC watches, which celebrate the iconic DMC 12 car. These watches continue the heritage of the DeLorean DMC 12 sports car – stainless steel bodies and design inspired by the DMC 12 itself. Take, for instance, the DMC Alpha watch. The horizontal lines on its face honor the DMC 12’s front grill, while its dials bear a striking resemblance to the DMC 12’s speedometer. 

Whether you own a DMC 12 or simply have an affinity to the legend that is DeLorean – these licensed watches will look great on your wrist. Wearing the DMC logo is a great way to show your love for this legendary time travelling car.

Update – Unfortunately, Moosestrum no longer sells the DMC watches, last I heard, the company was no longer making them.

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Tiger’s Eye: Meaning, History and Beauty

Tiger's Eye Bracelet from Tridente at

Tiger’s Eye is a a great silky-looking Metamorphic rock which gets its name from its brown and yellowish-brown stripe pattern. It is known as a Chatoyant gemstone, which means that its fibrous makeup gives it a cat’s eye effect. 

Historically, Tiger’s Rye was carried by it’s owner to keep them safe and help ward off a curse of the evil eye cast on one when they’re not aware. Soldiers and warriors were even known to wear Tiger’s Eye on them when going into battle. 

Tiger’s eye is a stone that stands for inner strength, will power, and self confidence. Those who believe in its healing properties say that Tigers Eye will give one confidence and courage to take on new things and new opportunities.

It is also said to be a great choice for helping one in the quest of wealth by helping to overcome the fear of failure and stay focused, even when things get difficult.

In astrology, Tiger’s Eye is a lower order substitute for Ruby and is governed by the Sun and Mars. It is said to enhance and balance one’s masculine energy.

Tiger’s Eye is made of Silicon Dioxide and Iron Oxide and can be found in parts of most of the world’s continents. It has a hardness of 7 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness (as a reference, Quartz also has a hardness of 7, and Diamonds, which are the hardest substance, have a hardness of 10).

Tiger’s Iron is one the variants of Tiger’s Eye that is used in jewelry making. Tiger’s Iron is a composition made-up of Tiger’s Eye, red Jasper, and black Hematite. While looking at Tiger Iron, one can see that it is a sedimentary formation formed when these three substances were pressed together billions of years ago. As you can see below, the result is quite magnificent.

For me, Tiger’s Eye is a beautiful stone with a lustrous look that I love to wear. I’m not really one that’s all into healing crystals and Chakra and stuff like that, but if Tiger’s Eye looks great AND will aid me in the pursuit of wealth, help balance my masculine energy and keep me safe, I’m game. 🙂   

If you also like the look of Tigers Eye, stop by our store and see how it looks combined with Hematite on a bracelet